Performance Specifications

  • Dispense Volume Dynamic Range:  100nl to 10ul
  • Dispense Volume Precision:  ± 5%
  • Humidity Control:  Ambient to 70% RH ± 5%
  • Slide Temperature:  4°C to 100°C ± 1°C
  • Fume Filtering:  Specialty-blended Filter Media  [i.e. Acid Gas, Mercury, Aldehyde, Ammonia]

Features and Benefits

  • Automated Cell Dropping & Normalisation
  • Automated Probe/DAPI Dispensing
  • Integrated Hybridisation
  • Improve Metaphase Spread Quality
  • Perform Up To 8 Assays On One Slide
  • Reduce Reagent Costs
  • Remove The Need For Rubber Cement

The CellWriter™ Workstation from BioDot delivers precision and consistency while transforming the throughput that can be achieved in an individual lab. By combining our expertise in high throughput automation with our new patented FISHArray™ technology (allowing multiple cytogenetic assays to be performed on a single slide), the genetic information we seek is now easy to obtain.

In addition to enabling multiplex FISH assays, the CellWriter Slides eliminate the need for rubber cement when preparing for hybridisation (a step that is both messy and time-consuming)

The dropping process for FISH and karyotyping slides in cytogenetics has remained a highly manual technique for years, leaving an automation void between harvesters and microscopes.

CellWriter now completes the continuum, by automating the dropping process to deliver quality spread interphase and metaphase nuclei for analysis.



CellWriter automatically normalises cell concentration, drops cells to slides for FISH or G-banding, dispenses probe and DAPI counterstain, and performs hybridisation

The CellWriter is a robotic workstation that produces slides for both Karyotyping and FISH. By integrating BioDot’s nanoliter dispenser (BioJet™) with exquisite temperature and humidity control, BioDot have developed a highly efficient system that produces quality slides.

CellWriter is available in three platforms.

CellWriter 240 for up to 24 slides

CellWriter 480 for up to 48 slides 

CellWriter 960 for up to 96 slides


CellWriter leverages BioDot’s nanoliter dispensing technology to miniaturise the FISH assay so now up to 8 individual assays can be performed on a single slide – dramatically reducing the number of slides that need to be processed and analysed.


The sample, probes, lot information, hybridisation statistics and more can now be assigned to a barcode on the slide and easily accessed at any point in the workflow

BioDot CellWriter™ Workstations