The HANABI-S1020 is designed to radically improve the speed, efficiency and repetitive quality of cytogenetic stained slide specimens.

The HANABI-S1020 is capable of processing slides in batches of 20 and features a continuous loading mode allowing the operator to load another batch of slides as the first batch is being processed.

HANABI-S1020 Automated Slide Stainer

ADS Biotec offers the most advanced and state-of -the-art technology in cytogenetics automation. The HANABI-S1020 Auto Chromosome Staining System is designed for today’s cytogenetic laboratories that require increase throughput, improving productivity resulting in consistent, high-quality slide specimens.

The HANABI-S1020 dramatically reduces the entire slide staining process from days to just minutes by incorporating a unique and patented UV aging feature, resulting in a truly high-throughput, high-quality solution for staining slides.

System technology fully automates the entire staining process eliminating variability compared to manual methods.

  • 20 slides walk away capability
  • Continuous loading mode
  • Samples traceability
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Low maintenance and ease of use
  • UV aging unique feature
  • Increased laboratory productivity

Automated Slide Stainer