• Sample volume flexibility (16 tubes, 24 tubes, 64 tubes)
  • Easy-program/Easy-view digital touch control screen
  • Protocol customisation
  • Fully automated and walk away from centrifugation through final fix 
  • Cell pellets are ready for dropping using HANABI PIV Metaphase Auto-Spreader after final fix


  • Provides exceptionally consistency
  • Frees up laboratory hands-on time increasing productivity and throughput
  • Simple and user-friendly programmability
  • Optimisation of protocols for specific cell types including blood, bone marrow and other suspension cultures
  • Select your program, press START and walk away
  • Delivers cells with less debris for cleaner spreads and high mitotic index
  • FISH, G-Banding, cytological or immunocytochemical analysis

Automated Metaphase Chromosome Harvesters

The HANABI P-1000 is custom designed to radically improve the speed, efficiency and repetitive quality of cytogenetic in situ culture harvesting.

The HANABI-P1000 is currently available in two capacities, each able to process a maximum of 40 and 65 samples respectively. The machine is designed to automate the addition and subtraction of reagents to and from sample dishes according to any of eight customised protocols.

ADS Biotec offers the most advanced and state-of -the-art technology in cytogenetics automation. The HANABI-P1000 In-situ Harvester is designed for today’s cytogenetic laboratories System that require increased throughput, improving productivity resulting in consistent, high-quality slide specimens.

The HANABI-P1000 is the only system available specifically designed to perform in situ culture harvesting. Careful attention has been given to addressing the shortfalls inherent in all other systems currently in operation for surface culture harvesting, generating a product which is specifically tailored for the requirements of the cytogeneticist.

HANABI PI sample throughput from 1 to 16 tubes
HANABI PII Plus sample throughput from 1 to 24 tubes
HANABI PIII Plus sample throughput from 1 to 64 tubes

HANABI Automated Cell Suspension Metaphase Harvesters

The HANABI Metaphase Chromosome Harvesters are the first systems to fully automate the multi-step process of preparing and harvesting metaphase cells derived from blood and bone marrow cell cultures and from other cell suspension cultures for cytogenetic analysis. Centrifugation, aspiration, addition of hypotonic and fixative solutions and cell resuspension are all automated.

Walk away reliability and low maintenance significantly reduce FTE time associated with the manual harvesting process.
ADS BIOTEC offers three automated cell-suspension harvester platforms to meet the requirements of small to large sample throughput laboratories

HANABI Automated In-Situ Harvesters